A little more than a week is left before the New Year and the festive atmosphere is already in full swing in the air. If you have not had time to choose gifts for the child, then we will help you. Today in our selection are several outstanding gift options that children will be happy to find under the tree on January 1.

Technological robots

If your child is tired of ordinary toys, then it’s time to move on to something more «smart». Robots, with which the child will not be bored, will be able to keep him busy for a long time. Playing with a robot teaches the kid to manage planned actions, solve several tasks at the same time, trains attentiveness and observation.

Symbol of the year

Girls who love soft toys will be happy to add a cute little animal to their collection. The symbol of the next year must bring happiness and good luck to its owner!

Drawing in space

Draw on paper? It’s already in the past! It’s time to draw in space. Give your child a 3D pen and create amazing 3D objects of almost any shape and size.

Blanket for sleeping and playing

Well, which of us in childhood did not build a house out of blankets in which we could hide with cocoa and a book, or bring all our toys into it and fall asleep in this makeshift hut? Give this opportunity to your children!

If you have not found a suitable gift for your child, then we advise you to read the first and second parts of the article “What to give a child for the New Year?” We wish that the good dreams of your crumbs always come true! And you really help Santa Claus to realize them!


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