The time when parents rush to the shops like scalded in search of gifts for children for the New Year begins. But we will not leave you in trouble! Today we have prepared for you a selection of interesting gifts that you can put under the Christmas tree. It remains only to choose!

For boys

Surely, many dads wanted a railroad, an army of soldiers or a cool space station as a child, because becoming an astronaut was a dream. To please the child and to please yourself, we offer you one of these gifts, which have one huge plus. You will definitely play them with your son!

For girls

Girls love to play with dolls, and when you ask them what to give as a present, the answer is most often the same. You can present a Mell doll, which needs to be combed and made up (all accessories are included in the set), or you can give a real baby doll, which is very similar to a living one. And to make walking such a toy more fun and believable, choose a special stroller for dolls.

For boys and girls

In order not to miscalculate with a gift — choose a soft toy! Lovely animals, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the pony, are hand-sewn and hand-painted. A funny interactive talking hugging monkey will be able to amuse and entertain your baby.

Follow the articles on the site, because soon there will be a new selection of gifts for the New Year for children. Santa Claus will not leave you without good advice!


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