As a mother of 2 kids, I understand how important it is to give a child a fairy tale, and even more so to give a gift that will bring both joy and benefit.

Children’s backpack

The older the child, the more independent he wants to be, of course, there is no need to limit him in his desires and support him.

To begin with, you can give the child simple tasks, for example, help the mother bring light purchases, her toys for the kindergarten or for a walk. For this, a backpack with which you can go to the garden, go for a walk, extra classes and go to visit with your toys is ideal. At the same time, the backpack should not be large so that the child could not take a large number of things and lose them, and it is also not necessary to overload the child’s back with weights. The optimal size of the backpack is not more than 25 centimeters.

Magnetic tablet

The drawing tablet develops the skills of perception of forms, logic, thinking, mindfulness, fine motor skills, counting and broadens the horizons of the child. With a baby, you can do tasks for repeating pictures, studying shapes and just fantasize, a magnetic drawing tablet for children relieves stress. The balls themselves are well hidden in the body of the tablet, which is made of anti-nuclear plastic and fixed with screws, which makes it safe to use. My children can play with it for hours, of course, for mom it is a good way to keep the children busy and take time for themselves.

Quest book with clips

A good way to teach children to love books is to give a book that you can not only read, but also contact with it, directly participate in the story itself — Velcro book is an ideal way for children to interact with the story. The book is executed in the form of a quest that develops logical thinking, forms an understanding of certain actions in a fairy tale. Velcro figures develop fine motor skills and teach them to order, because they need to be stored in a specially designated compartment so as not to lose or spoil anything.

Developing recipes write erase

Reusable prescriptions for kids are ideal for starting to learn writing, the child will learn how to hold a pen (felt-tip pen), write lines and think logically. The developing notebook contains tasks with games and riddles, the child will not be bored of learning, and this is the key to successful learning. The felt-tip pen in the kit is water-based, which makes it easy to erase and the ability not to be afraid of dirty wallpaper, because it is perfectly rubbed with water or a sponge. You can also experiment with felt-tip pens: draw a figure on a plate, and then pour water into it and the drawing miraculously comes off the plate and floats like a boat.

Book of secrets

A magazine with secret drawings will immerse a child in a book to the very head, he will not even understand that this is not just a game, but a real training for the eyes and brain, because with the help of the game mindfulness, vigilance, perseverance and mind are trained. With the help of an infrared magnifying glass, the child must find objects hidden under a special coating that cannot be seen with the ordinary eye. Can you think of something better than a speed race? For example, for a sweet prize and your children will not be torn off from the developmental magazine.

As a person who understands all the pains of choosing a useful gift for the little ones for the holidays, I created a ready-made gift set with educational games that will not gather dust in the closet, but will bring joy and development throughout the year. The set will suit a kid at 2 years old, 3 years old, and even children at 4 years old will be very interested in playing and learning at the same time.


I tried very hard to find the highest quality (licensed) and best goods for children, to make the most profitable set, because if you buy it all separately, it will cost no less than 3.5 thousand rubles.

I will be glad if my work will bring joy to you and your children. With love, Christmas BOOM.


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