September 1 is often perceived by a child as a terrible tragedy, because he is so sad to return to school after 3 months of carefree rest. You can easily brighten up this day with a nice gift and please a young student with a new mouse pad.

Why give a child a mouse pad?

A modern student can no longer do without the help of a computer, smartphone or tablet. Every year, children use computers more often to prepare reports, play computer games, and work with a tutor. The mouse pad will help the child to competently do homework and play their favorite games without being distracted by extraneous factors.

How to choose the right mouse pad?

When choosing a rug, pay attention to what material it is made of and how freely you slide the mouse over the rug. It is important that the pad maintains the smoothness and sensitivity of the cursor — so the child will be comfortable using the computer. Be sure to check how tightly the edges of the rug are sheathed so that the child can go through more than one game with him.

Durable rugs are made of dense rubber using a rubber base. Such a base will securely hold the mat on the table during computer games with bosses and the preparation of school lessons.

Which rug is considered suitable for work and computer games?

The most successful is considered to be a pad measuring 23×20 cm, which is suitable for a laser and optical mouse, long games and work at a computer. Due to the medium size, the mouse pad will not take up much space on the desk, and the mouse will have enough room to slide. During cleaning or moving, the rug can be removed from the table in a compact box that does not take up much space on the shelf and in the bag.

Rugs with the heroes of the «Avengers» and Spider-Man

If your child is a fan of the Avengers and superheroes, pick up a playmat for him with the image of his favorite hero: the Avengers team, Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America or Spider-Man.

The original mouse pad will help your child get over the longing for summer, enjoy the start of the school year and new adventures.


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