The last month of summer has begun, parents are preparing everything necessary for the start of the school year: backpacks, school uniforms, stationery, textbooks. Have you forgotten about the most important gift for a child?

A great gift idea for a girl is a beading set. Let’s figure out why:

  • Beading is a hobby that perfect for the cold season. In autumn, due to bad weather, children spend less and less time on the street, and a set of beads will not let the child get bored at home, you can also take it with you and study at breaks with classmates

  • Beading classes are excellent alternative to gadgets. After all, this is also interesting, it develops creativity, but it does not harm their eyes.
  • When a child is beading, he has fine motor skills develop. And this contributes to the improvement of handwriting and the development of writing speed, which will just help the child to succeed in school.

  • Beaded jewelry are trend of summer-autumn 2022so little fashionistas will definitely be happy with such a gift!

With love, the Hyggekrog team


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