Children often love cartoons and films about space, because they see adventures that one can only dream of. To get closer to reality or, on the contrary, plunge into dreams, you can give your child a cool toy space rocket, astronaut or space station. We have just such toys in our selection!

Space rocket «Our space»

Space Rocket «Our Cosmos» is a play set from a series of realistic space toys. The height of the rocket is 42 cm, it is made with detailed studies. The rocket has three compartments that can be opened. In the cockpit there is a pilot’s seat and a control panel, astronauts can be put inside. The rocket has a mechanical elevator that raises and lowers the astronauts.

The set includes not only two figures of astronauts 7.5 cm high with movable arms, legs and head, but also a mini planet rover. Pressing the button is accompanied by light and sound effects, with realistic voice acting of the astronauts’ dialogue. A special handle on the side of the rocket will allow the child to launch the rocket «into space», simulating flight.

And one more plus: the child can easily include other sets from the «Space is Ours» series into the game. After all, I really want the space mission to be large-scale!

Space Station «Our Cosmos»

The height of the station is 25 cm. It has two compartments that open, a ladder extends, and an astronaut can be put inside. When you press the button — light and sound effects. The astronaut figurine is 7.5 cm high and has movable arms, legs and head. The astronaut can be attached to a cable on the upper compartment of the space station and with the help of a mechanical wheel, he will «fly» around the station.

With sets «Space is ours» any boy will feel like a brave conqueror of the universe and discoverer of new stars and planets!

If you want your child to never stop dreaming, be sure to give him a space station and a rocket from the «Space is Ours» series. Come up with space travel together, conquer new planets and study the stars!


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