«… One of the greatest successes in a person’s life is a happy childhood.» (Agatha Christie)

Do you want your child to remember his childhood with joy and only with a smile? If yes, then the answer is simple: make gifts to your baby more often, regardless of whether today we have a holiday or just a state of mind such that you want to please your son or daughter with something like that.

I bring to your attention three gifts that can and should be given to children, we will focus on the age of the child up to 6 years old, when the baby is not quite a schoolboy yet, acts more intuitively, lives mainly with emotions and tries to seem older than he really is.) )):

1. Educational board games, puzzles, constructors, plasticine, kinetic sand — these are unique and at the same time simple and interesting things that can take any child to another world. Thanks to such gifts, the child begins to learn to fantasize, develop his fine motor skills, memory, thinking, learn to evaluate and understand this world from the point of view of its individual parts and the whole (if we talk about the puzzle), develops and improves each time more and more color perception everything around, even forms in the bud, and this should not be surprising, a sense of beauty.

2. Toys — here we include dolls, cars, favorite cartoon characters, toys for bathing in the bath. Separately, do not forget to also mention soft toys, which for a large number of parents serve as a magic wand, because it is a soft toy that you want to intuitively hug, squeeze, kiss, examine, and after that no nightmare at night is no longer an obstacle and a restful sleep, like you and the baby are provided, as if some kind of magic happens and the child becomes calmer and more peaceful.

3. For a harmonious and correct physical development, the formation of endurance, and in general, just have fun and usefully spend time — children’s scooters, bicycles, roller skates, sleds or tubings, a skateboard.

Let’s try to give gifts to children more often and then the feelings of inexpressible sincere delight, surprise, joy and happiness will remain in the memory and memories of your child for a long time. And this is not enough.


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