Are you about to become a parent of a first grader? Do not know how to surprise, how to support and help the child start a new stage of life? And how about making him happy with cool and smart gifts — we are ready to share cool ideas!

Now in most schools the study of a foreign language begins with primary school. Someone even in the preparatory classes is already learning to read in English or memorize the rules of grammar. However, as soon as the child begins to go to school, and the realization comes that after the lessons a couple of hours of boring homework awaits him, the craving for knowledge fades away. So how do you keep that passion from dying out? How to make English a favorite subject from the first grade? Developing cards and bright posters — this is the secret of warm feelings for learning a foreign language from an early age!

In the assortment of our brand there are thematic sets of cards with English words for every taste:

— colors;

— numbers;

— Verbs;

— animals;

— seasons;

— fruits, vegetables and berries.

All cards are made of high quality materials with bright and clear printing. Illustrations in the form of pictures or photographs are ideal for informal assignments, both during a regular lesson and at home as an extra class.

You can be sure that in a playful way the child will be able to quickly memorize new nouns, adjectives and verbs in English. And for those who want to learn English grammar, we have cool learning posters. They were created under the guidance of certified English teachers. And real professionals in their field worked on the design. Such posters will easily fit into the interior of the nursery, and will look great on the wall of the classroom for English classes.

Yes, yes, we are sure that our products can be a cool gift not only for a first grader, but also for his first teacher! Many English teachers have already appreciated learning cards with English words and smart posters in a convenient format.

It is worth noting that the sets of developing cards are delivered in cute bags. So we solved the issue of storing cards. This package is also perfect as a gift. As for the posters, they are delivered in durable craft-colored cardboard tubes with lids. Wrapping with such gift paper is not difficult, or you can simply attach a festive bow at all. Minimalism is in trend right now. We are sure that with our selection of smart gifts you will be able to surprise those who will go to first grade for the first time in just a month!


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