Modern children want to surprise, give something original, something that the child does not yet have and so that it remains in memory.

A schoolchild’s book will become just such a gift that a student will carry through his whole life and even becoming an astronaut, athlete, producer, parent or doctor, when he opens it, he will remember you and the brightest moments of school life.

For 11 years, children and parents have collected many school photos of the class, from excursions, holiday matinees, the first of September and graduation. Every pleasant moment is to be remembered.

Let’s be honest, images from electronic media remain in the depths of memory cards, computers and smartphones, and the highlighted moments are lost in a multitude of pictures.

And printed photos carry the spirit of the time, paper texture, color and smell. They are nice to touch and look at.

In one photo album, you can keep the warmest memories of 11 years, and answering the questions of the questionnaire every year, compare pure dreams of beauty far away with the real present.

A school photo album is an excellent gift solution for a future first grader, classmate or student.

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For durability, the photo album has a book cover and thick 30 A4 pages that will not wrinkle or tear and will be a reliable repository of the most pleasant memories.


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