March 8 is a joyful spring holiday! What to give little princesses for International Women’s Day? In order to please girls, it is important to take into account their dreams and desires, hobbies and hobbies.

We will try to help you choose the right gift and for this we have prepared a special guide-selection from Bondibon for girls’ dreams.


Little girls love their mother’s makeup bag very much. Children show an interest in makeup as another part of adult life — and this is natural. Perhaps they should offer children’s decorative cosmetics. Children’s means safe. And cosmetics from Bondibon — bright, attractive with all kinds of shadows, lipsticks, glitters and varnishes. Everything is packaged in attractive toy cosmetic bags, in the form of a mermaid, a unicorn, a rose or a suitcase.

Playing in a beauty salon is no different from playing in a hospital, daughter-mother or shop. Kids love it and prepares them for adulthood just like a baker’s set or a toy kitchen.


Oh, these dolls)) They are not only for entertainment, but help children adapt to the world around them. Playing with dolls is an important part of social development. The doll teaches such basic things as empathy, communication skills, care and responsibility.

When choosing a doll, consider the child’s hobbies. It can be a baby doll that needs to be shaken, fed, laid down. Or a bright Aerobics doll from Bondibon, with which you can dance, do exercises, sit on the twine.

Needlework and Creativity

Any little girl has many different interests and hobbies, knowing about them — you can choose the perfect present. It can be aqua or thermomosaic with special beads.

These creative Bondibon sets are very popular among girls of all ages, and they will be a great gift choice in honor of the upcoming holiday.

Board logic puzzle games

An interesting gift can also be entertaining and very useful. Bondibon games that develop logic are perfect for the spring holiday. Flower puzzles are not only bright and beautiful, but also help develop spatial thinking, color perception and shapes.

The color dress code puzzle game will also delight little fashionistas and teach them how to become a fashion designer and put on a grand show!

We recommend wrapping all the gifts that you have prepared in “pleasant emotions” and congratulating the little ladies with love and warmth!

Give a good mood with Bondibon!


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