On the birthday of a friend, I want to present a real surprise. But what to do if it seems that you have already given all the most necessary and interesting things, but the ideas are over? Close people deserve something special — cool and unforgettable.

Your intuition and ready-made ideas below will help you decide what gift to give your girlfriend, regardless of whether she is 16 years old or 25 years old. Below you will find not only tips, but also ready-made solutions depending on age and original gifts for a girlfriend on DR.

  • Digital pen. A unique device that converts handwritten text to digital. A solid gift for your beloved girlfriend for her anniversary.
  • Desktop mini vacuum cleaner.
  • Biofireplace.
  • Personalized pendant on a chain. So that the name of the birthday girl does not fade over time, choose an accessory made of gold, silver or a medical alloy.
  • An original stand for jewelry: in the form of a tree, a mannequin, a shoe or a pirate chest.
  • Device for automatic cleaning of makeup brushes.
  • Cosmetic bag in the form of an organizer-roll.
  • Cool inflatable circle — donut or pineapple.
  • Kigurumi pajamas with cat, fox or rabbit ears.
  • Mini safe. She will keep everything — both personal savings and girlish secrets. You can purchase a safe in the form of a book, for example, in the form of a volume of The Master and Margarita.
  • 3D puzzle.
  • A karaoke microphone is an interesting and unusual birthday gift for a friend if she loves to sing.

  • Soap dispenser.
  • A new book by your favorite author or classic in an exclusive edition.
  • Humidifier or air ionizer.
  • Tea or coffee set.
  • Key holder with a set of key rings.
  • Grater-spiralizer with three blades and storage container.
  • A rotating cube photo frame for your shared photos is a cool gift for a friend’s day.
  • Cool pillow (animal, emoticon) or a set of stylish cushions for the sofa.
  • Massager or hydromassage foot bath.
  • Stainless steel pizza cutter.
  • Floor or table lava lamp.
  • Electric or manual coffee grinder.
  • Electronic book.
  • Tablet stand.
  • Portable accumulator. An extremely useful thing, the purchase of which for some reason we constantly postpone.
  • Wireless headphones.
  • Cardholder. Your choice — metal, leather, with a funny print or in the form of a notebook.
  • Yoga mat.

If the birthday girl is still looking for a life partner, give her such a present with a wish to find her soul mate.Elephant figurine. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom, patience and determination. If a friend has an elusive goal in front of her, cheer her up by giving an elephant for good luck.Symbolism in honor of friendship. To show how much you value friendship, a t-shirt with a stylish photo print of you and your girlfriend is taken together. Another option is to apply the text of a short wish or an encrypted message, understandable only to the two of you. A successful addition to such a surprise would be a certain number of flowers or balls — corresponding to the age of the hero of the occasion.


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