A real homebody is happy to spend time at home, even if he has to leave often and for a long time. A forced homebody spends a lot of time at home for various reasons and suffers without the usual contacts. What to give the first one to his “sweet home”? And how to please the second to brighten up the temporary isolation?

Blanket, bedspread and decorative pillows

In a soft and cozy interior, time flows at its own speed, you want to stay here, enjoying peace and relaxation. In creating comfort, decorative textiles have no equal! Curtains, cover and a blanket, a few decorative pillows and a small carpet — and the most ascetic room turns into a safe haven from everyday storms and troubles, into an island of peace and into the very fortress that can only be at home. Pillows and throws in ethnic style will be a great reminder that the world outside the walls is still big and beautiful, and that he will gladly meet our homebody when the time comes.

Storage Organizers

In a cozy house, every thing has its place and you don’t have to look for anything for a long time. Therefore, homebodies usually like a variety of organizers, with which it is easy to put things in order. A homebody likes to watch TV? Give him organizer, which can be hung on the edge of the bed or the armrest of the sofa and put all the remotes there to find the one you need with one movement of the hand. A homebody woman will appreciate an organizer or a jewelry box.

Planter, watering can, garden tool set

Indoor plants are a way to be closer to nature without leaving your apartment. Therefore, a homebody can often and painstakingly cultivate his own little garden on the windowsill or on the balcony for a long time. You can choose an interesting planter, a small elegant watering can and even a special set of small garden tools as a gift. And flower pots with automatic watering seem to be created specifically for a forced homebody: a flower can be planted right now, and when something changes in life, it can be safely left for a week or two in a closed apartment. Sitting at home, you can grow your own microgreens of several types in the kitchen in special pottedIt is a tasty and healthy addition to a variety of dishes. And watching the shoots is a special incomparable pleasure.

Teapot and cezve

A true homebody can have several types of delicious tea in stock. Therefore, there are no extra teapots in his house. A homebody will get a bigger kettle if guests come to him. Or will brew in the small one you donated teapot fragrant tea for two, which he carefully stores for special occasions. The homebody’s coffee is also special, he usually prepares it slowly, as if conjuring over every action. Do you want to become involved in this coffee magic? Give a Turk, a French press or something like that!


You really appreciate the convenience of this item when you no longer have to rush anywhere. In the morning in bed with pleasure to put a cup of coffee on tray with cookies. In the evening, sit in front of the TV with a tray of light snacks and chips. A homebody will appreciate a tray of any size! With a small one, it’s nice to pamper yourself with something tasty outside the kitchen, and with a large one, it’s convenient to set the table and clean the dishes when guests arrive.


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