The Day of the Soviet Army gradually transformed into a universal men’s day. Therefore, regardless of military service, it is customary for most men to give gifts on this holiday. In this review, we have collected interesting design things to make it easier for you and help you find interesting ideas.

Thermal mug and thermos for the car and snacks to go

Choose gift items that will be easy to use even with one hand, with a simple opening system, but at the same time airtight. It’s good if a thermos or a thermo mug fits in diameter to car cup holders and fits well in your hand.

A convenient lunchbox is also useful for snacks to go. Many brands produce thermoses, lunchboxes and thermal mugs in the same style and even make special carrying bags for them. For a loved one, you can put together a whole set that does not even need gift wrapping.

Wine glasses, glasses and a corkscrew for parties with friends

If a man throws parties at least occasionally, he will like any items related to the serving of alcohol. A sommelier set of a corkscrew, a wine cork and an anti-drip ring, as well as a decanter on a wooden stand for serving cheese, will always come in handy. Pay attention to glasses for cognac, shot glasses and glasses, as well as glasses for water.

Alcoholic drinks and cocktails are often served with ice, so interesting ice molds are a good budget idea.

Bag and umbrella for travel and business trips

A man who spends a lot of time driving a car or in transport will be pleased with a waist bag and a small backpack where A4 papers are placed. If he often travels on business trips, then give him a travel bag. It conveniently folds all the toiletries in order to use them, just open it and hang it on a hook in the bathroom.

An umbrella would also be a good gift.

Often manufacturers of umbrellas and bags of the same brand produce their lines in the same style. Therefore, you can easily assemble a set of several items of the same color. You can start with one product and then continue to replenish the collection.

Textiles and accessories for bathroom and bath

As a gift for a lover of bathing procedures, choose a bathrobe and towels only from natural materials, cotton and linen, so that they are pleasant to use. When buying towels, pay attention not only to the composition, but also compare their density. A thicker towel absorbs better, but is heavier in weight and takes longer to dry.

You can also give a convenient adjustable bath shelf. A small mirror and a glass of your favorite drink, a washcloth and soap will fit on it, there is even a place for a tablet.

Lovers of modern technology will appreciate the touch soap dispenser. The product is battery operated and gives out a portion of liquid soap even without the need to touch it.

Household tool kit

A small set of tools will remind you who is the boss in the house. Of course, a man must choose real tools himself in order to competently evaluate their reliability. But souvenir ones, although they are much cheaper, are also quite working! If necessary, and in the absence of an alternative, they can do a lot at home.

Fancy socks for the mood

Socks are the most traditional of all possible gifts for February 23rd. With them you can celebrate the holiday on a budget and with a nostalgic touch of fun. Moreover, in the 21st century, what kind of socks are not produced! When folded, they can look like a cup of coffee, or sushi, or eyes, or ice cream, or anything but what they really are!

Well, after the gifted one comes to his senses from the surprise and recognizes the socks, you can give him the second part of the gift — shaving foam. After all, February 23 without socks and without shaving foam is like the New Year without tangerines and a Christmas tree!


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