Men’s terry dressing gown is a universal and practical gift for a man for any occasion: birthday, February 23, New Year, anniversary, wedding anniversary. This is the very gift that will help express love and care without further ado! The bathrobe is made of double-sided premium terry cloth, density 400 g/m2, 100% cotton. The high quality of the terry provides comfort and creates an atmosphere of coziness. The men’s dressing gown is soft, warm and perfectly absorbs moisture. A terry bathrobe is perfect for everyday use at home, in a bath, in a sauna or in a pool. Men’s dressing gown is suitable for tall and short, men of different types of figures, there are large sizes in dark blue. In order for the terry bathrobe to serve for a long time and not lose its former softness, follow the rules for caring for it. Wash the men’s dressing gown in a delicate mode, at a low temperature and using emollients.


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