May is quite a busy month with holidays as a serious one: «The Holiday of Spring and Labor», the Muslim holiday of breaking the fast «Uraza-Bayram», «Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945″, professional: International Nurse’s Day, Border Guard Day, funny: » Stomach Feast», «Donut Hole Day». There is even International Harry Potter Day.

For true connoisseurs of tea, there is also a holiday 04/21/2022 is International Tea Day! Since ancient times, tea has been considered a magical drink for its ability to relax a person and arrange him for a pleasant conversation! And now a mug of warm tea helps to take a break from work, recuperate after a busy day, ease the course of an illness, or just have a good time with friends and family!
A real teaman has a large collection of tea varieties, both loose and tea bags. An excellent gift for such a person would be a stand for storing tea bags, the main thing is to make the right choice in a wide range! And you can complement the gift with a tea set or sweets at your discretion!

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