Most often, to answer the main question: “What to give to a friend, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, teacher, boss, colleague, beloved wife, bride?” we resort to recommendations, a la «Top gifts for women», «Best romantic gifts», «The most original and unusual gifts for any occasion», «Inexpensive gifts for all occasions», etc.

Often such collections offer banal sets of cosmetics, dishes, kitchen utensils, bed or underwear, bath products and other simplest and most common options for women’s presents.

Still, we give a gift not for the sake of a gift, but to evoke vivid emotions and surprise in a girl. Therefore, the gift should be emotional and memorable, it is desirable that at the same time it is also useful and practical, so that with each use of our present, the woman remembers us.

Among all the options, we recommend that you pay attention to engraved gift glasses. Glasses with inscriptions have a different pattern with text with an interesting meaning, according to which you can always choose exactly the context that suits your girlfriend.

Among the most popular glass engraving options are: “The Queen is born in June (July, August, September, October, etc.)”, “Don’t expect a miracle, wonder yourself”, “Letter Yu — don’t give a fuck”, “The Queen is state of mind”, “My broom runs on wine”, “Mom does not thump, mom is resting”, “Crazy Empress”, “Witches do not age”, “I am a teacher (doctor, educator, mother, psychologist) I can” and other original inscriptions.

The proposed options will definitely please your LP (best friend), especially since all the glasses are packed in an original gift box in a solid beautiful wooden box.

Give your friends creative gifts for birthday, graduation, name day, anniversary, anniversary, wedding, engagement, housewarming, professional holiday, New Year, Christmas, February 14, March 8 and other occasions and no reason.

Another advantage of the glasses of the Cristal Engraved brand is that all glasses have a large volume — 630 ml and are made of tempered glass.


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