TOP sets «Clever» for age 3+

Smart Girl®. Cubes “I read easily”

The author’s technique for simple learning to read. With these extraordinary cubes, your child will read his first word on his own in the very first lesson. You may not even know the letters! The secret is in the special design of dynamic cubes. The child learns to count by syllables, it is easier and faster than by letters.

Smart Girl®. Series “not HochU” Three sets: “I don’t WANT to sleep”, “I don’t WANT to go to kindergarten”, “I don’t WANT to clean”

These kits teach you to find the reasons for the “bad” behavior of the child and deal with them carefully. With the help of competent psychological fairy tales and therapeutic games, you will be able to establish WHY the child behaves in this way and gently eliminate problems.

Smart Girl®. Series “Book warm-up”

5 sets for those who are studying or have recently learned to read The right books for the first reading: short, with clear plots, large print, and most importantly — the text is placed separately from the picture. The child reads the text, and then looks at the illustration, this helps him not to be distracted. Each set contains books of different levels of complexity, from the simplest to the most difficult.

Smart Girl®. «First Mathematics»

Set of 5 board games for learning to count. The games are arranged in order of increasing difficulty, some can be played alone, others have a competitive element. The kid learns to count by himself from the first lesson, and mathematics for him will immediately turn out to be simple and fun.

Smart Girl®. Geographic

A set of games for kids aged 2-5 to get to know the planet: continents, oceans, countries. Activities include games on a huge world map where you can crawl and draw, and all mini-journeys are detailed in the guidebooks.


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