If you are looking for a creative gift idea for your girlfriend or loved one, then you should definitely pay attention to this set. It combines several functions at the same time: the effect of surprise from an unusual present, the ability to show creativity and remember the past holiday for a long time. Often such sets are used for creativity in the family circle, this is a great option for joint leisure, pastime. You will not only give amazing emotions, but also help to capture this moment.

Set features:

— characterized by increased detail of the 3D cast of hands, which allows you to securely fix even the smallest details;

— includes high-quality Italian components that do not lose their properties over time, look presentable and retain their strength for a long time (the main material is gypsum);

— comes with a unique mount, thanks to which the 3D impression can be easily hung on the wall, where it will remind you of a pleasant event and loved ones for a long time;

— only we provide a guarantee for each set — if you fail to make an impression or something goes wrong, we will send a new set completely free of charge and you can try again.

A set for creating a 3D cast will delight every person. This is a great option not only for a birthday, but also for a wedding, Valentine’s Day or any other holiday. Due to the fact that the set is very easy to use, your loved one is guaranteed to enjoy creativity. There is no need to put in too much effort — the cast can be made quickly and easily, and the memories will remain for many years. However, if something goes wrong, you can always use the warranty service and exchange the set for a new one.

Don’t leave your emotions for later! Surprise your loved ones and spend a wonderful evening with a set of 3D impressions that will capture your memories for many years and will be a great piece of furniture. This is an amazing gift that we offer to purchase at the best price. Now there is a discount that makes the cost even more affordable. At the same time, your loved ones receive such emotions that cannot be appreciated even with huge amounts of money.

Each set is designed for a family of two adults and one child. Thanks to this, the joint creation of a cast can turn into a fun family pastime that will remain in memory for a long time. When the child grows up, it will be possible to remember the childhood by looking at the cast.

In addition, the cast will harmoniously fit into any interior. Such an element looks unusual, emphasizes the importance of the family and the warmth of relationships. It can be easily hung using the mount. It comes in a set as a gift and is a nice bonus.


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