Many parents are puzzling over what to give children and teachers for graduation in kindergarten or school. What can surprise you, so that everyone likes it, it comes in handy, the memory remains (and the price was acceptable).

A universal solution — an organizer (pencil case) for the office. This is a good gift for any age.

We offer a selection of beautiful, cozy, functional author’s organizers from the Russian manufacturer «ROBOCUBE».

Houses of Amsterdam, Fairy-tale houses, New York, Wild West — these products have already won the hearts of many.

Suitable for children of any age, youth, teachers. Tidy up and decorate the desk, workplace. Look stylish and unusual in any interior. They do not take up much space on the table due to their shape, but at the same time they are very roomy.

Natural materials, craft box, which is nice to give.

A big bonus for creative people is that pencil boxes can be colored.

Atmospheric pencil box will give pleasant emotions to everyone.


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