This holiday is a wonderful occasion to remember your school years and your first teachers. This is an opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who every day shows us the way to the world of knowledge, who sincerely helps and supports our children. Teachers’ Day is celebrated on October 5 in different countries of the world. But in our country this holiday is associated with long-term traditions. Solemn assembly lines and concerts are held in schools, children prepare bright wall newspapers and decorate classrooms. In some institutions, students replace teachers and conduct lessons on their own. The oldest tradition of this holiday is to give gifts to teachers in gratitude for their hard work. In order not to get into a difficult situation, we will try to figure out which gift to choose for the teacher.

Compositions of artificial and natural flowers

A traditional bouquet will wither quickly. Original compositions of artificial and stabilized flowers will help to keep pleasant memories for a long time.

Tea in a gift box

Aromatic tea will brighten up the minutes of rest during breaks. Unusual packaging will pleasantly surprise colleagues and students.

bright mug

A necessary addition to tea is a bright mug. Classic floral patterns or themed drawings work well.

Candy and chocolate sets

Few people can resist a sweet treat, so candy and chocolate continue to be one of the most popular gifts for teachers.


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