We live in a wonderful time — the baby has just been born, and he is immediately surrounded by beautiful, lovingly chosen things. In such realities, it is not so easy to make a choice of what to give for the birth of a baby from friends or relatives. Often it seems that they already have everything. Give Smart! There are about 28 reasons why Good Girl is the perfect gift.

In this article, we will cover only the 3 most obvious ones.

  • Our kits are useful. This is caring for the baby from the very beginning of his life. Games based on them are kind, warm, funny … and at the same time develop vital skills
  • Our kits are amazing.. They are beautiful, high quality, well thought out. Such a gift says a lot about the giver. After all, you want to give SUCH to like it, right?
  • Our kits diversify mom’s life. Mothers of newborns devote a lot of time to routine, sensitive moments. Sometimes you want to take a break and just play something exciting. “Clever Girl” has everything ready — play, develop, have fun.

What sets are recommended for newborns?

Smart Girl®. Manage emotions — the perfect choice to start classes. Gentle games, hugs with the baby, massages, soft toys — this set breathes love for children.

Smart Girl®. We say that it is useful for every child. Classes in this set help prevent speech therapy problems in the future, allow children to speak on time, beautifully and correctly.

Smart Girl®. The world in the palm of your hand is a great gift! All families like these cards, they are intuitive, games with them do not imply a system. The cards are laminated, dense, with rounded edges — it is safe to give them to the baby. We came up with a lot of useful games with them, they will be appreciated by both mom and dad, and, of course, the child.


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