May holidays are a time for spending time with family and friends, going to the country or out of town for a picnic.

For those who like to organize space and create comfort, the following gift options are suitable:

  • Napkin holder — will decorate any table, just add your favorite napkins;
  • Tea house — will allow you to conveniently store tea bags and will become a highlight of the interior (there are different sizes and designs in the assortment);
  • Decorative grapes — decorations for decor will not lose their beauty, but will delight with a spectacular view for a very long time;
  • Key holder on the wall «House» with doors — will help organize the space and no longer have to look for keys;
  • Box — will allow you to store different presents: tea, chocolate, sweets, jewelry or small things for needlework.

For barbecue lovers in nature or in the country will be a great gift metal pepper grinderwhich, unlike electric mills, does not require recharging, and seasonings and spices will be a nice addition.

For kids assembly will be good fun in the country wooden figured puzzles. This is a wonderful tool for distracting children from gadgets and just a good game for the development of mindfulness and memory.


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