What to give for the New Year 2022?

Cozy Christmas gifts from the CHRISTMAS STORY collection

Down with sweets, figurines and pans! In the New Year, I want to impress loved ones with truly magical and cozy gifts. We’ve put together a selection of classic Christmas surprises so you don’t have to worry about what to give your friends and family.

DANGEROUS! As soon as you take it in your hands, you will want to keep it for yourself. So quickly pack under the tree, or… get tempted and create your own #christmasstory!

Wool knitted scarf

Solve the rebus: what does the image of the owner of such a scarf say? Giving gifts? Eating gingerbread? To make a snowman? Go on an adventure? Wrap it all, at once and more!

In such a scarf made of premium soft wool, you can completely wrap yourself in cold weather. Or flaunt around the Christmas market, imagining yourself as the hero of the Little Prince fairy tale. Plenty of options. New Year’s mood is attached to any situation.

Vendor code: 47706184

Knitted New Year’s plaid

There is no time to put up a Christmas tree and hang garlands on the windows, but do you really want a holiday in the house? There is an exit! We take a blanket with deer and snowmen, throw it on the sofa (or on ourselves) — voila, the New Year mood is right there!

And if the Christmas tree is already up … Brew cocoa and wrap yourself in a blanket in an embrace with your loved ones or a warm cat. Comfort +100 guaranteed.

Vendor code: 47705445

Christmas high socks made of wool

Can you imagine New Year’s holidays without bright woolen socks with reindeers and snowmen? We are not! 🙂 The iconic print, bright colors and premium soft wool yarns are what make these long knitted socks so festive!

Designed exclusively for snowball fights and cozy gatherings with cocoa and gingerbread!

Vendor code: 44693723

Deer wool sweater

What is the perfect New Year’s sweater? Necessarily warm, with a contrasting elastic band (so as not to blow) and with a crazy print that will not leave anyone indifferent!

Before you, «the one»! You can wear it all holidays, give it to your loved ones, or even make a family bow and celebrate the New Year 2022 with the whole family in bright sweaters.

Vendor code: 42602926

Christmas knitted mittens

Save your hands for gentle hugs. With ice snowballs and hot mulled wine, your Christmas mittens will handle.

Life hack: if you give something expensive and small in size, hide the box in a mitten and offer to try it on. In fairy tales, the reindeer helped Santa Claus deliver gifts. And today Santa is you. Are you savvy?

Vendor code: 53635420

If you want to pick up the entire collection, do it without any hesitation! New Year holidays are a time of shopping and pleasant adventures. Enjoy the atmosphere of winter comfort and surprises. When, if not now?


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