When choosing a gift, you need to focus on a number of criteria.

  • Age of the birthday girl. A 55-year-old woman will like a certificate of a beauty salon or a coupon for a master class, a trip, an excursion. As an 85th birthday present, this would be out of place.
  • Health status. Having previously consulted with the hero of the occasion, you can donate medical equipment. It can be an automatic blood pressure monitor or a glucometer, which is convenient to use. A great option is a trip to a sanatorium or a course of wellness procedures, an orthopedic mattress.
  • Lifestyle, features of work or leisure. In the case when the granny is active, likes to walk a lot, she will appreciate sneakers, a comfortable down jacket, a set for Nordic walking. If he likes to spend more time at home, then it will be nice to get a blanket, a comfortable chair, books.
  • Passion, hobby. If a person has a hobby, then the gift is the easiest to pick up. A set of books or a gift certificate from a seed and garden equipment store, a set of threads or crochet hooks, a subscription to the opera — the choice of presents is huge, and for any budget.
  • Life values. Connoisseurs of the times of the USSR are unlikely to like something in the Art Nouveau style. It is better to choose classic options. You should also be careful with technology. If a grandmother is not enthusiastic about the Internet, then you will not surprise her with a fashionable gadget, but only scare her.
  • Financial condition. The gift should not embarrass the hero of the day with the price, be so expensive that she is afraid to use it. On the other hand, it is better to acquire a useful thing that a woman is unlikely to buy herself from her pension.

For an enthusiastic nature

What is your grandmother’s hobby? Patterns immediately appear in my head: knitting, cross-stitching. If granny actually makes something with her own hands, then feel free to choose gifts for creativity. It can be mosaics, paintings, knitting accessories and everything connected with it.

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