It’s no secret that mom is the closest and dearest person. A loved one always wants to do something nice, but finding the perfect gift that can satisfy and please modern women is not easy, because you really want to choose a gift that will please your mother, so that, thanks to the gift, see her sparkling eyes and gentle smile.

The Luckybox team, as well as our more than 4,000 customers, consider a gift box with a delicate design to be the best option for this. You can be sure that such a gift set will please the eye and make your mother smile! A sweet and cozy gift for mom is perfect not only for a birthday, but also for mother’s day, for an anniversary, for March 8, as well as for a professional holiday and as a gift for no reason. The gift can be found under article 17473145.

The gift set for your beloved mother has everything that can cheer up, warm and give a cozy atmosphere. Our designers have lovingly developed a unique design that every woman will love. The box contains a postcard, on the back of which you can write all your wishes and kind words, fragrant black tea with additives, popcorn with caramel, sweet marmalade and marshmallows, a uniquely designed mug, peanuts and milk chocolate. In other words, the set has everything for a soulful tea party with family or friends. Due to the absence of GMOs, the set is perfect as a tasty and healthy gift for women. The gift box itself looks festive thanks to a pale pink bow, each of which was tied around the box with trepidation and special care.

We would like to share with you a review of a gift for our customer’s mother and share this happy moment with you. Our team would like to thank you for such kind feedback, and also to say that they motivate us to create better and better products. “I have been looking for a long time what I can give my mother on March 8th. It seemed that my mother already had everything she needed, but my conscience did not allow me to come to my mother on a women’s holiday empty-handed. I have been racking my brain for a very long time and choosing what to give as a gift. When I went to Wildberries, I saw gift sets that included both cosmetics and sweets, but I was very attracted to a gift set from the Luckybox brand because of the delicate white and pink design, a fairly large number of items in the box, and because of the low price. After receiving the order, I was delighted with this wonderful set: each item corresponds to the description, everything was very well and carefully packed and delivered quickly. Having given a gift to my mother, I saw my mother’s happy eyes, and this is the best reward for me. Mom was very happy, her eyes sparkled with positive emotions. Since then, whenever I visit my mother, she takes out a cup and sweets from this set, and we drink delicious tea with her sincere conversations. I highly recommend this set for purchase, such a gift set is a great gift for your family!”

Do not worry about the integrity of the delivery of the gift set — we carefully packed each set in an additional protective film, and then in a thick cardboard box. We are sure that your mother will be delighted and will appreciate your original gift idea, as well as its soulful embodiment. Mom will thank you, and you will understand that you made the right choice by buying a delicious set as a gift. Rejoice the best and closest — the best!


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