Very soon the first spring holiday will come, which all girls, girls and women are looking forward to, and men are racking their brains on what to present to their loved ones in order to surprise, please and surely please.

But after all, not only the stronger sex is preparing for the holiday. Ladies also choose presents for their mothers and grandmothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. Therefore, sooner or later, a question pops up in everyone’s head, as if written in large luminous letters: what to give after all?

If you, too, have lost your bearings in search of suitable presents for March 8, catch a super idea — a gift set of SIBERINA natural cosmetics! Benefit for the body and pleasure for the soul in one gift — what could be better?

Of course, you can independently assemble your own individual set from our rich assortment (and this, for a moment, more than 600 products!), Supplement the gift with the addressee’s favorite sweets, put it in a beautiful box, tie it with a ribbon …

Or you can do it easier (and faster, because there is less and less time for preparation!) — purchase one of the ready-made gift sets that we have carefully collected for you and your loved ones by March 8th. Everything is already beautifully decorated and packaged, you just have to wait for the holiday, present your gift and observe the recipient’s emotions. Believe me, they will be the most sincere and joyful!

Now let’s tell you in more detail what is included in each of the sets, so that you can decide which one is right for you.

Gift set «Happy holiday, dear»

A great gift for a teenage daughter, younger sister or niece — in a word, for a girl who is just starting to discover the beauty world. Let the young coquette have her own caring cosmetics on the shelf in the bathroom.

She will surely enjoy using a lip balm with a sweet berry aroma (inside extracts of raspberries, cloudberries, lingonberries and cranberries) and brushing her teeth with “strawberry” paste. We didn’t forget that girls love to take a bath (and this love, as a rule, persists with age!), so we put two bath bombs with aromas of roses and citruses into the set — when they get into the water, they start to hiss and rage provocatively . Delight will not be the limit!

With such fragrant and “delicious” cosmetics, a girl will only be happy to take care of herself regularly! And this is very cool, because useful beauty and health habits are instilled from youth — for example, keep a moisturizing hand cream on hand. He, by the way, is also in the set.

Has your friend dreamed of trying natural cosmetics for a long time? Give her one of our basic care kits and it will make her dream come true! Inside are 3 cool universal products that will definitely not gather dust on the dressing table, because almost every woman uses them.

Gift set «Fulfillment of cherished desires»

It includes:

soft, gentle scrub «Moisturizing and nourishing» with apricot kernels, suitable for all skin types;

a moisturizing mask that fills the skin with moisture and vitamins, protects against dryness (what you need after the winter cold!), refreshes and improves complexion;

Lifting cream «Intensive Recovery» with a delicate texture — it will help maintain youthfulness, tone and beauty of the skin.

Gift set «To the cutest»

Inside you are waiting for:

· “Moisturizing and softness” foam for washing, which deeply cleans pores, gently removing dust particles and excess fat, evens out the skin surface, improves complexion;

Cream for skin radiance — an indispensable product in the cosmetic bag of residents of megacities;

· “Moisturizing” facial serum with aloe vera gel, soothing and protecting chapped, irritated and dehydrated skin.

Gift set «Radiance and beauty»

This set for skin radiance can be safely presented to a colleague at work or a friend who has recently become a mother. Work in the office at the computer, as well as life in a busy, stressful schedule, affect not only well-being, but also the condition of the skin. It becomes dull, lifeless, dryness, circles under the eyes and other signs of fatigue appear, which are difficult to disguise with decorative cosmetics. The set includes 3 natural products for 3-step skin care:

Tonic «Freshness and radiance of the skin» for effective cleansing;

· concentrated serum «Flawless Skin», delivering nutrients to the deep layers of the epidermis, providing a moisturizing and smoothing effect;

Instant Glow Skin Cream that moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates the skin, giving it a fresh and healthy look.

Believe me, the lucky woman who gets this set will be grateful to you! Or maybe it will be you?) After all, you also need to pamper yourself, and March 8 is a great occasion for this!

Gift set «Wake up the desire»

This set is something special! We recommend that men present it to their beloved girlfriend, and you will be happy to use it together, because the composition includes such seductive things as massage candles with aromas of jasmine, neroli and ylang-ylang, a complex of oils for massage with a warming effect, as well as an oil lubricant for comfortable intimacy. In a word, everything you need for a prelude and a sensual continuation of a festive evening … Believe me, such a gift will not go unnoticed)

By the way, SIBERINA has many more gift sets for every taste: for face and body skin care, for hair, for going to the bath, for a romantic evening, and that’s not all. Watch, be inspired and choose! Give a holiday to your loved ones with SIBERINA!

PS To arrange a pleasant surprise for a loved one, it is not necessary to wait for the holiday. Our gift sets can be given without a reason — cosmetics will always come in handy and, using it, the addressee will feel your love and care!


Briefly about the brand:


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Almost all products are 100% natural


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