There are definitely people among your loved ones who cannot imagine their life without outdoor recreation! Nature is different for everyone: for some it is palm trees by the sea, for some it is impenetrable jungle, someone loves fishing, others do not deny themselves the pleasure of walking in the park or going into the forest. Both of them love nature!

And what about those who grow indoor plants? Or about diligent summer residents who lovingly look after their land every year? Of course, these people love nature!

And the question is: what to give such a person? Let’s find out!

People differ in gender, age, social status. Therefore, let’s approach each social group separately!

What to give an office worker?

An office worker spends a lot of time at his workplace. What does he usually see in front of him? A soulless computer screen, a pile of papers and stationery. No nature smells here! This is where the levitating pot comes to the rescue! What is its advantage?

Firstly, plants that are undemanding to the amount of land and volumetric watering are perfect for a levitating pot. Like succulents or fancy cacti. Accordingly, when we give a person such a gift, we do not «strain» him with caring for plants, but we give exceptional comfort, style and tranquility. This is what is so often lacking in the office!

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What to give grandma or grandpa?

Representatives of the older generation are very active and active, but over time. They spend more and more time at home. That is why it is so important not only to create comfort for them, but also to provide them with everything necessary for a home hobby. A smart garden will not only diversify their routine houseplant care, but will also allow them to grow even the most demanding crops in terms of sunlight and nutrition: such as tomatoes, strawberries, lettuces, peppers and even flowers. In addition, the light of the smart garden will spread to nearby plants, which will make them very happy! The NatureLove smart garden has a built-in timer that automatically turns the lights on and off, so grandparents don’t have to worry about lighting.

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What to give mom?

Mom is a special person in everyone’s life. We associate it with care, love and life. It is all the more pleasant to give her something that will delight with healthy fresh vegetables and berries. The NatureLove smart garden grows plants autonomously and looks insanely stylish! It has a water level sensor that will inform you if you need to add water, as well as a timer for turning on and off the light. In general, everything in order to bring only the joy of growing plants!

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What to give the boss?

A gift for an executive should be distinguished by a premium appearance. The head has a number of representative duties, in which everything should play into his hands: from the interior to accessories. In addition, the issue of emotional balance of the leader is often the basis of a healthy microclimate in the team.

The levitating pot solves all these problems:

He looks premium and status;

It creates an atmosphere of harmony with nature;

The soaring plant has a calming effect.

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What to give a friend?

We have already said that people are different. So friends are very different in nature: someone likes to arrange noisy parties at home, someone prefers cute gatherings, and someone equips a cozy fortress at home in which he wants to relax and feel calm. Surprisingly, a levitating pot is perfect for both. And that’s why! The levitating planter surprises everyone who sees it, so every incoming guest will be extremely interested in what they see — the pot will become a point of attraction. And for a connoisseur of appeasement, levitation will give comfort and tranquility.

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What to give a child?

Children are the flowers of life. Think about how deep this phrase is. Children have to grow up and create their own lives. Build it yourself, paying attention to significant factors for self-realization. In this sense, plant care is an imitation of life and results. If a child wants to grow strawberries, he should plant a seed, germinate it, feed the young plant, and make sure that the strawberries have enough water. And only the implementation of all these actions will allow the child to enjoy the wonderful aroma of homemade strawberries grown with their own hands!

And here again we recommend paying attention to smart gardens! This fun gift will pique your child’s interest in horticulture and show them that they are creating results in their own lives!

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These brand devices nature love will perfectly complement the life of people close to you. Give with love and remember that nature loves you!


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