The toy industry does not stand still. To win the heart of a child, manufacturers create incredible toys that combine a variety of modern trends. For example, it is no longer enough to produce just a doll, more than dolls are in trend, they have facial expressions or are able to do a number of actions inherent in babies, or dowry is attached to them in the form of accessories and even additional pets.

An interesting model of dolls is the WOWDOLL doll. It’s not just a doll, it’s a surprise doll. The process of the appearance of the chrysalis reminds children of a miracle. In order to get a doll, you need to pour it with water from the bottle included in the kit. In the package, made in the form of a waffle house, bright clothes, shoes and accessories are hidden. But that’s not all! The doll’s hairstyle is made in the form of a soft, beloved by everyone squish in the form of a dessert, flavored with vanilla, which is so nice to knead with your hands! Squishes, along with slimes, have recently conquered the children’s product market as an anti-stress toy, and continue to be at the peak of popularity with children of all ages. WOWDOLL pupae are already arousing interest among young children, which is confirmed by numerous focus groups conducted by the manufacturing company.


There are 21 WOWDOLL dolls in the collection, made of high quality materials. The doll has passed all laboratory tests, meets all quality standards, thanks to the strict control of specialists in production. After all, it is so important to provide children with quality toys that are safe for their health.


Thus, the doll corresponds to three trends in the modern toy industry: surprise, anti-stress, collection, and also complies with all safety standards of the Russian Federation.


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