Fragrances for the home and textiles

The gift is not expensive, attention is expensive, and the more accurate the hit, the more pleasant. What perfume does she use? Choose a similar fragrance for your home in the form of a diffuser or a card, then the elusive aura of the hostess will become a kind of spirit of the house, which will remain in the memory of all those who have been here for a long time.

In winter, it is appropriate to give care and warmth in the form of a high-quality blanket made of natural materials, hypoallergenic and pleasant to the touch. The braided cotton throw from Tkano’s Essential collection will seamlessly fit into any modern interior, bringing coziness and a sense of warmth to the home.

Utensils and accessories for cooking

A gift for a hostess is a gift for the home. Gone are the days when the worst gift was a frying pan, hinting that «a woman’s place is in the kitchen.» New technologies and advanced design solutions have also touched the most ordinary things, making them desirable not only for housewives, but for all households. Spending time in the kitchen for light and interesting cooking has become fashionable.

The traditional New Year’s table is salads. And where cutting, there are new cutting boards. A set of 3 Nest Regular cutting boards by Joseph Joseph is thought out to the smallest detail. On the textured surface of the boards, it is easier to hold food while shredding, and rubber non-slip feet conveniently fix products on the countertop. For hygienic storage of boards, a special stand is provided that keeps them at a distance, so they dry faster. The highlight of the set is ergonomic handles in the form of a stainless steel twig.

Suitable for preparing the main course and will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen, the Style stewpan of the American brand Circulon. The patented Total® system with an annular corrugation on the bottom and a three-layer non-stick coating protects against mechanical damage, food does not stick to the surface and requires very little oil for cooking. The handles of the saucepan and the lid do not get hot during cooking. It is suitable for all types of cooking surfaces, including induction cookers. Can be used in the oven up to 500°C and dishwasher safe.

A rare holiday is complete without a homemade dessert. Therefore, the classic round shape with a detachable side from the Danish brand Eva Solo will come in handy. It is designed for baking biscuits, pies, cheesecakes, casseroles and assembling mousse cakes. Inside the mold is certified non-stick Slip-Let® coating, like professional cookware, so the baking is perfect, and the mold itself is easy to clean.

Decor and serving

Decor and serving items help to bring the spirit of the holiday and a special mood into the house, so a rare woman will remain indifferent to them. The easiest way to create a special atmosphere is with light. For example, the interesting Star LED pendant lamp from Enjoyme is a traditional Scandinavian Christmas decor.

The bright and elegant Tiffany pitcher from the Italian brand Guzzini shimmers in the light and creates a festive atmosphere at any table. It is made of unbreakable and lightweight organic glass. Therefore, it is safe for table setting, at which there will be children.

Any housewife will be happy with new glasses, for example, for champagne, because there are never too many of them in any house. Blown glass glasses from LSA International attract attention with their elegance and simplicity.

New Year’s holidays are an occasion to make a gift to the mistress of the house. When it is properly selected, it makes happy not only a woman, but also everyone around. And the best New Year’s gifts will delight households all year round.


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