In Russia, it was customary to prepare a dowry for a girl: from estates and villages for rich brides to household trifles for families with modest incomes. But textiles were always collected as part of the dowry for the future family hearth: towels, pillows, feather beds, bed linen. Usually, the bride herself sewed and embroidered these products, and the groom and his family used them to determine how skilled the girl was in needlework. The more lace was on the linen, the higher was the property status of the family. At the beginning of the 19th century bed linen was not only included in the dowry, but also presented to the newlyweds. This tradition has been preserved to this day.

To give or not to give?

With all the advantages of bed linen sets as gifts, it should be noted that not every guest can give bed linen to newlyweds. Such a gift would look most appropriate if:

  • you are a close relative or friend of the newlyweds, best of all — mother-in-law or mother-in-law;
  • you know exactly the tastes of the young;
  • you choose a set not at the lowest price, but at the best quality.

It is inappropriate to give bed linen or it is easy to make a mistake with his choice if:

  • you are a woman, and the groom is your colleague or boss;
  • you do not know the young people well, they are your distant relatives, communication with which is limited to congratulations on holidays;
  • you have never been at the bride and groom’s house, you don’t know the dimensions of their bed, what size pillows they will use.

How to choose lingerie for a wedding?

So, the decision has been made, all the subtleties of etiquette and your financial capabilities have been taken into account — you are going to present a set of bed linen at the wedding. What should it be? On a special day, underwear should be special — choose sets made of high-quality fabric, with a festive design, but based on the convenience of further daily use. You can choose a set from a wide variety of standard sets or look for special, «wedding» lingerie:

  • Linen is sold in a beautiful gift box. You do not have to look for a separate package and beautifully pack your laundry.
  • Pillowcases and duvet cover are decorated with romantic embroidery.
  • You can choose Euro size (with duvet cover 200×220 cm) or standard double (180×200 cm).
  • The kit will come in handy in the future for everyday use: the hostess will be able to turn the pillowcases upside down without embroidery, without fear that the decor will cause discomfort or leave marks on the face during sleep. The high strength of linen fibers will allow you to use one set for decades.
  • Snow-white bleached linen with accurate matching embroidery suits any interior, looks solemn and elegant. In addition, white symbolizes the purity of marriage, innocence and the wedding itself.
  • Linen is good for the skin and pleasant to the touch. The bactericidal properties of flax fibers provide protection against fungi and bacteria. Natural linen perfectly absorbs moisture, refreshes the body in the heat and warms well in the cold.

Order Ecolen linen as a gift, evaluate the quality and you will definitely want to choose linen bed linen for yourself. In a year, the newlyweds will have a print wedding — and you already know where to buy a good set! And there, the linen anniversary is just around the corner — in 4 years.


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