Each of us at least once in our lives faced with the question «What to give a person who has everything?».

it not simple problem, but a solution can be found. A person who has everything needs emotions. Emotional gifts include skydiving, horseback riding, going to the theater and many other recreational activities that will leave pleasant memories.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the recipient of the gift, which is not always possible. Agree, not everyone can withstand a parachute jump, and horseback riding is an amateur entertainment.

In this case, brand products come to the rescue. LADYAit is stainless steel skewers gift sets.

This is a truly high-quality, understandable, and most importantly necessary gift! At the same time, it does not matter who the recipient is, be it a hunter, fisherman, programmer, driver or restaurant director, he will definitely appreciate such a present!

Sets of skewers can be in different fillings, but the Viking-1 set will be the most optimal solution. It combines functionality, practicality and reliability.

The set includes a brazier and skewers, because what is a picnic without fragrant juicy shish kebab? The working part of the skewers is angular, 2 mm thick, 550 mm long, made of stainless steel.

The handle of the skewers is made of Wenge wood. c elements of artistic casting.

Also in the set there are stacks, plates, forks and spoons for a cultural meal. A tourist knife and an ax will never be superfluous in nature, even if you have grabbed a bag of ready-made coal. So we’ve got everything covered!

The bright character of the Viking 1 set is complemented by an unusual case for storage and transportation. The leather case is embossed, stitched and braided by hand.


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