It seems that there is not a single person who has not asked this question. Sooner or later, there comes a moment when it becomes extremely difficult to come up with a gift. And to give a certificate to a store or money is no longer interesting. I want the gift, even if it is symbolic, to bring unforgettable emotions to the recipient. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday present, or New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day. Or maybe this present will generally be in honor of the anniversary of your friendship.

Regardless of the occasion, we have compiled a list of gifts that will definitely please any recipient.

1) Useful stationery

Whether it’s a notebook, a fountain pen, original stickers, a mechanical sharpener. If a person works in an office, such «consumables» are definitely always relevant to him. And if they are unusual — the memory of such a gift will be even after using the gift.

2) Gift-impression

A lot of companies provide a wide range of various entertainments: wind tunnel flight, unusual photo shoots, handmade author’s lessons, wine and cheese tasting, etc.

3) Photobooks

In the age of electronic technology, unfortunately, many have forgotten about real printed photographs. But in vain! Remember that incredible feeling when you leaf through old albums and are transported to the moments in the photo. In a photo book, you can immortalize the special events of the birthday person, memories of them will remain on paper for many years.

4) The subject of daily use of non-standard shape / configuration

For example, espresso lovers — a cup with a triangular bottom: it cannot be put on the surface while the drink is in it. Yes, this is not required, since the average time for drinking espresso is only 30 seconds.
And eternally freezing people will clearly appreciate heated slippers.
Fans of cooking can be safely pleased with kitchen accessories in unusual variations. For example, a Loch Ness monster lappet or a spaghetti spoon in the shape of a monstera leaf. Start from the hobbies and characteristics of the recipient of the gift.

5) Gifts with humor

If your gift is banal enough, give it an unforgettable fun presentation, and then the recipient will look at it with completely different eyes.
These can be ironic letters, mugs with bright quotes, ubagoin tablets, socks with funny inscriptions and prints, etc.

6) Elite alcohol

Even if a person does not drink alcohol, such a gift can be left as an antique for many years to come or can be easily re-gifted to connoisseurs.

7) Modern gadget for home

Not everyone is ready to spend their money on such devices. But believe me, when you sit on the couch, drink coffee and watch how the robot vacuum cleaner cleans the apartment, everything else around will no longer matter. Or, having tried an electric toothbrush, a person will no longer want to return to a regular one.

The list, of course, could go on and on. But one thing is important — even if it seems to you that a person has everything, it is not so. The main thing is to be creative in choosing a gift, not forgetting the interests of the recipient.


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