In many apartments, open floor hangers replace boring closed cabinets. With them in the room there is more air, space, diversity. Floor hangers may well become a full-fledged — and practical — element of the interior.

A floor hanger is a simple yet highly functional piece of furniture. It looks much more elegant than a row of wall hooks and saves valuable square footage. Such hangers are easy to move from place to place, so they can be seen anywhere: in offices, cafes, restaurants, ateliers, showrooms.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right model.

Depending on the design features and purpose, all floor hangers can be divided into several groups.

Rack-hanger. The easiest option. It is a sturdy rack with coat hangers and several hooks. The rack of such a hanger can be telescopic, so that its height can be adjusted by adjusting it to your height. Trouser clips can be additionally attached to the rack.

In order for the hanger to stand straight and not lean to the side when someone hooks a heavy jacket on a hook, the radius of the base — a circle or a tripod — must be at least 30 cm.

What is it suitable for: storage of outerwear in the hallways of apartments, houses and offices.

Rail. The design consists of a solid base with wheels, a pair of racks and a bar on which hangers are hung. The hanger can be adjusted in height and length.

All clothes remain in sight, which makes it easier to find. Since things hang neatly on hangers, they do not wrinkle and retain a presentable appearance. And you can immediately see how things fit together.

What is it suitable for: storage of outerwear and casual clothes at home or in a studio, demonstration of collections in boutiques and showrooms.


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