A thermos is a necessary thing on the road and traveling, especially when children are traveling with you. I will tell you what to look for when buying a thermos for drinks.


The volume of thermoses for drinks varies from 320 ml to 3.2 liters. The more capacious the thermos, the longer it retains the initial temperature of the liquid. However, it should be remembered that the larger the thermos, the heavier it is.

For a walk for one adult, you can take a thermos with a volume of 1 liter, for hiking or fishing for one person — a capacity of 1.2-1.3 liters, for barbecue for a company of two people or a small family — a thermos for 2 liters. For a walk with a child, you can take a thermos with a volume of 1 liter.

Flask type

The basis of any thermos is a flask into which liquid is poured. The flask is surrounded by double walls, between which there is a vacuum, and it helps to maintain the initial temperature of the drink.

Flasks are made of metal and glass. Both metal and glass keep the temperature of the drink approximately the same. However, glass is a fragile and rather dangerous material. A thermos with a glass flask is easier to damage, so metal flasks are more reliable and safer.

If you are a special connoisseur of aromatic tea, you better choose a thermos with a flask made of Teflon-coated stainless steel. Then metallic notes and taste will not be added to the aroma of the drink.


Two popular types of lids: screw cap and push button cap.

The screw cap provides a good seal because it has a one-piece construction. To break such a cover is a little risky. There is also a minus: in a hurry and on the go, it is impossible to unscrew it with one hand.

The lid with a button is convenient: just press it with your finger and the drink can be poured into mugs. To close the lid, you just need to press the button again. Even on the go and with one hand, opening such a lid is not difficult. However, it is impossible to disassemble it, and therefore it is good to rinse it too. The plastic parts of the push button lid can break or crack over time.

A pen

If you plan to carry a thermos in your hands like a bag, then it must have a handle. The handle will also come in handy if the container has a slippery and smooth body and at the same time a large volume.

The type of thermos handle can be different: from a classic loop at the top and a fixed handle on the side to a folding retractable handle.

Additional details

Additional details can be provided in the thermos or on it, for example, another cup, special elastic bands, a strap. The thermos also comes with a case.

An additional cup in the kit (and sometimes even two) is useful when a large family uses a thermos.

Special rubber bands that are put on the lid and bottom will protect the thermos from damage when dropped, in addition, it is convenient to hold the container for them so as not to get burned.

Thermoses complete with a strap are suitable for those who carry a container on their shoulder.

Thermoses with a case included — a great gift. The cover will also help to keep the drink warm or cool for longer.

Important parameters

Displacement — The larger the volume of the thermos, the heavier it is. This is important for those who like to travel light.
Flask — It is made of glass and metal.
Lid — You can buy a thermos with a classic screw cap and a button cap.
Handle — Convenient if you are going to carry a thermos in your hand.
Additional elements — It can be a cup, elastic bands, a cover.


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