It’s time to replace the old trash can with a new one. It would seem that the mission is modest, but extremely necessary. The trash can is like a real keeper of cleanliness and hygiene in your home, so it should be given a little attention so that the daily collection of waste and garbage removal does not bring discomfort.

First, let’s decide which garbage container is suitable for your tasks. Pay attention to:

1. Volume. It is important to choose the optimal amount that is right for your family and depends on the amount of garbage that fits into the daily norm. Most likely you already know how fast the urn fills up. Consider this point, that you may be tempted to buy a bin that is larger than necessary. Then be prepared for unwanted surprises in the form of midges and unpleasant odors. But we don’t need it, do we? Organic waste should preferably be disposed of every day.

2. Form. We determine in advance where the bin for the kitchen will be placed. The location will tell us the choice of container geometry and dimensions: round, square, triangular or universal rectangular. And here’s another thing: opt for a bucket with a lid so that all unpleasant odors remain inside the container, and pets do not have access to the contents.

3. Material. Metal? Plastic? From the point of view of practicality, it is worth focusing on models made of dense plastic — inexpensive, durable, light in weight and easy to clean. Choose a trash can with a smooth inside and outside surface, with a minimum of various bulges and protrusions. Since it is precisely because of the complex shape that you will have to work hard, washing the urn from the dirt accumulated in these places.

4. Color. It all depends on where you find a place for the garbage can. If the bucket will stand in a conspicuous place, then the choice of color is crucial, and it will be right to fit it into the color scheme of the room so that the trash can does not stand out from the general concept and does not spoil the interior.

Important advice for families with small children. Do not choose trash cans with intricate designs or bright colorful colors. Little discoverers will not miss the opportunity to «inspect» the contents of the trash can, which can lead to unpleasant and sometimes dangerous consequences.

It would seem that we are talking about obvious things, but think about how much time you will save in the end!

The assortment of the LEFFA store includes universal plastic bins for the kitchen, out-room, toilet, a bin for the office and a compact mini waste bin on the table at an affordable price. All of them are equipped with a so-called «floating lid», the opening mechanism of which is very simple and hygienic: to open the lid, you need to touch it lightly, it will silently open and easily return to its original position, while your hands will remain clean. The trash bin is presented in the most popular color variations that will harmoniously fit into absolutely any interior (white, light gray, black-silver, milky) and different volumes (5l, 10l, 18l).

Garbage can care tips.

The most important rule is to empty the trash can regularly, in other words daily! Indeed, in the kitchen, the main amount of waste is, just the same, food leftovers, especially quickly perishable meat and fish.

There are some subtleties that will help the hostess get rid of the unpleasant smell in the kitchen that the trash can exudes:

* a garbage container with a lid that closes tightly;

* soda at the bottom of the urn, able to absorb unwanted «aromas»

* carbon filters — an expensive, but effective solution, however, not suitable for all models;

* a garbage bag, which should be slightly larger than the container itself, so that the waste does not spill out into the container itself, polluting it;

* prevention of hit of waste by the container;

* For perfectionists, you can even scent the urn by wiping it with a solution of baking soda and your favorite essential oil.

And of course regular washing. Do not be lazy) Well, at least once a week with the use of detergents. If you use a garbage bag, then you need to put it only in a clean, carefully wiped dry kitchen waste bin.

Here are some simple tips to help hostesses ensure cleanliness, a pleasant aroma and a comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen!


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