Every item in a child’s wardrobe is important — from streetwear to sleepwear, because high-quality and comfortable clothes are the key to the safety and health of the baby. Therefore, such high demands are made on children’s clothing, and even more so on underwear! After all, it is panties that the child will wear under clothes most of the time, whether on a walk, at home or in kindergarten. Therefore, the choice of underwear for the baby should be approached very carefully so that he feels comfortable in any situation and under any weather conditions.

baby pants styles

Currently, the market offers a huge range of styles of baby underpants that will satisfy even the most demanding moms and dads. When choosing the style of panties, the gender of the child should be taken into account.

Styles of underpants for boys

  • Boxers. A classic version of briefs that are either tight or slightly loose. The length is similar to shorts. Very comfortable for everyday wear. The second option for boxers is the so-called. hips, they are shorter than regular boxers, have a low waist and a wide codpiece.
  • «Families». These shorts have a loose fit and an average length, approximately to the hips. They do not hinder the movement of the child, are safe and comfortable for constant wear.
  • Swimming trunks (briefs, or slips). This style is recommended for the smallest. But you should be very careful in choosing the size so that the underwear does not rub or pinch the genitals.

Styles of panties for girls

  • Swimming trunks (or slips). This style is considered classic. Pants can have both low and high waist.
  • Briefs-shorts. The shorts have a loose fit and wide sides. There are both with a low waist, and with a regular, classic one.
  • Panties with ruffles, bows and embroidery. Such styles attract with their details and bright colors, parents will be able to choose panties to their taste and color. The main thing is to make sure that all small parts are well sewn on and will not come off during the first wash.

For babies, regardless of gender, there are also special pants that are worn over a diaper. Pants have a number of advantages — they are larger than classic ones, so they are very comfortable to wear, plus the fabric of the pants does not come into direct contact with the baby’s body, so you can choose pants in bright colors and colors and not be afraid that dyes will get on the skin.

Criteria for choosing shorts for children

  • Textile. Briefs should be made from natural and breathable fabrics such as cotton, but a minimum percentage of synthetics in the composition, no more than 5%, is also appropriate. This will make the product elastic and allow it to bend. In warm seasons, you can consider panties made of coolers, coarse calico, crepe, etc. And for the cold season, panties made of knitwear, with or without fleece, will be appropriate.
  • Product cut and seams. The cut of the shorts should be loose so that the child does not feel any pressure and his movements remain free. As for the seams, they should be even and well processed. Threads should not stick out. You should not choose panties with lining inside, because. it can irritate children’s skin.
  • The size. First of all, you need to measure the height and circumference of the child’s hips. You should not focus on his age, because. children of even the same age can have completely different dimensions, so everything is individual here. It is best to take underwear of a suitable size, and not for growth. It should also be noted that dimensional grids may differ in different countries, so you need to pay attention to the label of each specific manufacturer.
  • Colors. Preference should be given to more bed shades and colors, because. very bright and flashy colors usually contain a large amount of harmful dyes that can cause an allergic reaction and stain not only clothes, but also the baby’s skin.
  • Care. The underwear fabric should be plain so that it can be washed in a regular washing machine. Briefs should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees and do not use the strong spin mode so that they retain their functionality and good appearance. Also, for washing, you should use a safe gel without the addition of harmful chemicals and fragrances.

The Wildberries online store offers a large assortment of Palloncino underpants for boys and girls. The underwear is of high quality, softness and elasticity, and a variety of color shades and bright prints give each model of shorts individuality. Panties are perfect for everyday wear at home, on a walk or in kindergarten.

High-quality underwear is the key to the comfort and health of the baby!


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