5 points to pay attention to when buying children’s and teenage shoes:
1. The manufacturer should be focused primarily on the health of children’s feet. Comfort and convenience in the process of walking is provided by natural materials and technologies that take into account the anatomical structure of the foot.

2. Choose stylish models, but do not chase ultra-fashionable and often uncomfortable shoes. The fashion of one season or «fast fashion» is no longer relevant and does not justify itself either financially or environmentally.

3. Find out what technologies the manufacturer uses. Remember that expensive equipment is not all that is needed to create high-quality shoes. Manual labor, the skill and experience of craftsmen are an important component in the production of a truly solid product.

4. Pay attention to the assortment. It is convenient when the model you like is available in different colors and types of leather.

5. How can I buy. It is welcome if it is possible to order shoes online in order to try on and determine the convenience of the model in a relaxed home environment.

The IRIDIS brand has been specializing in the production of footwear for children and teenagers for over 5 years. Definitely worth paying attention to it, especially since it fits all five of the above points.


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