All parents of boys know how much their little adventurers love bright and interesting toys! But in addition to fun, I want to give the guys something that will benefit and positively affect their development in the future. Let’s figure out together what you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect gift.

1. The interests of boys are very dependent on their age: kids like cars, machinery and dinosaurs, school-age boys will be more interested in designing, modeling and experiments. On the counter you can see a lot of developmental and educational kits on these topics, so just pay attention to the age recommendations on the packaging. For example, 64-piece puzzles are ideal for children aged 4 to 8. They are easy to assemble because they are not too big, the medium-sized pieces fit comfortably in a child’s hand and develop interest in assembling larger puzzles!

2. A good gift should not only entertain the child, but also develop the necessary skills in a playful way. Sets of puzzles of the same element will allow you to develop and consolidate such important qualities as perseverance, attentiveness, logical thinking. Also, assembling puzzles perfectly trains fine motor skills of the hands!

3. Any activity is more interesting if your favorite heroes are nearby! For the 64-piece puzzle set, we have chosen the most popular boyish licenses — Metalions, Transformers, Turbosaurs and Hot Wheels. Bright pictures with familiar plots will interest little puzzle lovers and those guys who are not yet familiar with the wonderful world of puzzles!


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