Warm, like a fur coat, but lighter and more accessible — what is it? Of course, dubbed. Clothes made from natural materials do not give up their positions where it is really cold in winter. In this review, we tell you how to choose a quality item that will last you for many years.


The natural material from which the sheepskin coat is made should be even, smooth, pleasant to the touch. You can «write» on it with your finger — and erase what is written by stroking the sheepskin in the other direction.

Most importantly, a new high-quality sheepskin coat should not have scratches, traces of glue or paint. Creases and scratches are not just ugly; in the case of sheepskin coats, they may be a sign of low quality material. A good sheepskin, even with intensive exposure, quickly restores its shape. To check how your future sheepskin coat will cope with it, wrinkle a shelf or sleeve in your hand.


On a good sheepskin coat, the fur should be of uniform thickness throughout the product, without bald patches, with villi in one direction (usually down). The color of the fur closer to the skin should not differ from the main one.


The color of the sheepskin coat should be uniform over the entire surface. How to check how well your sheepskin coat is painted, and whether it will shed after the first snow with rain? Moisten a handkerchief and apply it to the surface of the sheepskin coat. The scarf should not be dyed.

Important: in general, sheepskin coats are not designed for walking in the rain, and in general they are afraid of water, so be careful with the tests.


Pay attention to the seams: in a high-quality sheepskin coat, they are even, without knots and loops. Double stitching is an added bonus!

Buttonholes, pocket flaps, hook chain — all this must be done firmly and thoroughly.

Details and accessories

In order to safely take the sheepskin coat to dry cleaning later, choose models with genuine leather trim. Artificial can not survive cleaning.


On the one hand, it’s a matter of taste. On the other hand, the length of the sheepskin coat that you choose as a functional thing for a harsh winter is an important decision. The key is your lifestyle: how much time you spend outdoors, and whether you drive.

For long walks in the cold and for public transport, elongated sheepskin coats are suitable. If you drive every day, feel free to take a short model.

The size

Choose a size with a small margin — under a sweater. In general, it is worth trying on outerwear with exactly those things with which you will wear them.

With fitted models, pay attention to the length of the back. To do this, look at how the sheepskin coat sits on you from behind — only not over your shoulder, but in the mirror or on the phone, so that you stand straight. There should be no extra folds. If a sheepskin coat is your size, but in the lumbar region it goes in incomprehensible waves, it has too long a back. Choose another model.

Sheepskin coats Sartori Dodici

Outerwear by Sartori Dodici is distinguished by its variety of models, modern design and winning value for money. All sheepskin coats are made of natural materials; in them you will be warm even in a twenty-degree frost — of course, provided that under the sheepskin coat you have other warm clothes.


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