How to make an actual choice?

To begin with, it is worth deciding what exactly you need such a device for. The selection will consist of:

smart watch — this type is more suitable if the main request is to be in constant connection with the phone without taking it out. Reply to messages, read notifications, pick up calls, scroll through a playlist, set an alarm and many other functions are in such a device. As a rule, such models are equipped with a wide-angle display for convenient implementation of all types of communications;

Fitness watch — This type is suitable for those who need to monitor their health. Such elements are equipped with built-in heart rate monitors, more accurate trackers for tracking movements, calorie counting and training technologies;

Children’s smart watch — this type is suitable for tracking young talents. Such watches perform many different functions, the main ones in demand are: location tracking, the ability to receive and see a call, send voice and text messages, send an SOS signal to parents’ gadgets. There are also many additional features for which gadgets are loved not only by parents, but also by their children.

All presented types of devices have a diametrical opposite and are relevant for different tasks. Therefore, to begin with, it is worth deciding on the necessary functionality of such a gadget.

Device Compatibility

It is worth noting that basically, all representatives of the new watch systematize data with a smartphone. And few of them can be used as a standalone device. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to the compatibility of the smartphone and the device that comes with it.

There are more liberal companies, for example, Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei watches and some other companies allow pairing with a “non-native” phone. In contrast, the Apple Watch will work exclusively with the iPhone.

But watches from companies such as Amazfit, which do not produce smartphones, but make watches automatically adjusted to work with any device, are suitable for both IOS and Android.

Display and housing

One of the main factors when choosing this device is the display. For starters, you should know that they are monochrome, a representative of such an E-Ink, and familiar to us with bright colors (in this case, AMOLED will be the best).

It is worth paying attention to the shape and diagonal of the display. In fitness trackers, a huge display is not relevant, all data will be displayed in the application on a smartphone, and the main information will be visible on a small screen format. Subject to video communication through the device, watches with a large and bright display will be relevant.

When choosing a design, you should pay attention to the material of the case, as well as the coating of the dial. There is no difference whether it is a women’s watch or a men’s watch, as a rule they are unisex. Perhaps, differing in color in some models, the device will look equally worthy on the wrist of any person.

Operation features

It is worth immediately viewing the gradation of the technical characteristics of the device. The fact is that the water resistance of watches with which you can swim, swim, dive to the depths and in every way be exposed to contact with “water procedures” must be at least 7. These characteristics are possessed by such models as the Apple Watch X7 PRO, Garmin Fenix ​​Silver and many other.

Models with indicators of 5-6 allow you to walk in rainy weather, wash dishes and take a shower, but by immersing such a device in water, you risk breaking it. A gradation below 5 does not allow any contact with water.

It is also worth paying attention to protection from dust and dirt, here the scale consists of 6 steps. The highest protection includes the ability to work on construction sites, travel through deserts and beaches, as well as participate in repair work.

The shock resistance of the watch will depend on the coating on the dial. In more budget versions, it is glass or plastic. Such a coating is prone to chips, rubbing, cracks and scratches. More expensive devices are equipped with protection in the form of mineral and sapphire glass. Such watches are less likely to be subject to mechanical stress.


The autonomy of the watch is also not an unimportant factor. If it’s a women’s watch or a men’s watch for everyday use as an additional gadget, most likely charging once or twice a week will not be a big problem. But if this is a smart watch for children, I would like to replenish their charge less often, because as a rule, children forget to regularly charge their devices.

But if this is a fitness tracker, which is necessary for sports, or even more so for some expeditions, or maybe for outdoor activities, it will often simply not work to charge such a watch.

The choice is made

Considering all the above recommendations, you can choose a smart watch according to your criteria. After the necessary device is found, you just need to order it and wait for delivery. If you carefully approach the choice and take into account all the wishes, possible non-standard operating conditions, the device will not disappoint in the process of use and will last more than one year.

We wish you happy shopping! Best Regards, SMART PROJECT Co.


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