The smoking technology has long been known and loved by many. Smoked products have a unique taste and aroma. True connoisseurs prefer products made by themselves. The undeniable advantage of homemade smoked meats is the absence of artificial additives and carcinogens. Therefore, every year more and more people are thinking about buying their own smokehouse.

The choice of a smokehouse should be approached responsibly so as not to be disappointed by a failed experiment with self-preparation of smoked delicacies.

  • Type of smoking. Hot smoking is the preparation of smoked products at high temperatures, approximately 90 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the smoking speed is very high, from 40 minutes to 2 hours is enough to make smoked poultry or fish. Cold smoking is the preparation of smoked meats on smoke at low temperatures, approximately 15-25 degrees Celsius. Only chilled smoke is used for smoking. The minimum period of smoking in a cold way is 10 hours. With this method, you can smoke any meat, fish, seafood and much more.
  • Smokehouse type. It depends on where exactly you will be cooking. Now you can find: electric smokers (suitable for smoking inside an apartment or indoors in a house), coal (used outdoors on coals from a fire or barbecue), gas (volcanic stones heated by gas are used in the cooking process — it is difficult to find in stores ).
  • The size of the working chamber. By volume, smokehouses are divided into industrial and domestic. If you need to cook a large number of products, it is better to choose an industrial option. If you just like to sometimes treat yourself to delicious delicacies, then feel free to choose a home-made smokehouse, their average volume is about 10 liters.
  • Smokehouse mobility. Stationary options are suitable for residents of private homes, and mobile options are more convenient for those who take the smokehouse with them to the country or nature and take them back.
  • Body material. The highest quality smokehouses are made of cast iron, stainless steel or heat-resistant steel. Stainless steel is considered the best material. Cast iron is too heavy, stationary options are made from it, and heat-resistant steel is short-lived. Of particular importance is also the thickness of the walls of the case, they must be at least 2 mm. The thicker the product, the longer it will last. Walls with a thickness of 1 mm or less can deform during use and even burn out.


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