It’s getting colder outside, and it often rains. What do we want from outerwear at this time? Of course, to be protected from wind and rain, but that’s not all. A good autumn jacket is comfortable, goes with warm clothes in different styles and is appropriate in different life situations. Using the Alivero windbreaker as an example, we will look at what details are responsible for this.

Alivero jacket in detail

— The upper material is made of dense technological synthetics with a membrane that will protect against light rain.

— The jacket is fastened with a special windproof zipper — this provides additional protection from the wind.

— The hood of the jacket closes the neck and is adjustable with a drawstring. You can be sure that it will not fly off your head from gusts of wind.

— There is a yoke on the front; this detail is used (for example, in trench coats) as a protection against rain, so that water drains from clothing as quickly as possible.

— The jacket has two symmetrical welt pockets where you can hide your hands, as well as two side pockets with zippers for valuables.

— The inner pocket with a button is suitable for documents and valuables: they will be at hand and will not get wet in the rain. If, when you leave the house, you do not take anything with you except your wallet and keys, then most likely you will not need a bag.

— Specifically, this jacket does not have an insulating layer, it is just a light windbreaker with protection from wind and rain; it is suitable for summer, spring and autumn, from +5 °C to +25 °C.

For colder weather, the Alivero brand has a similar model with insulation.

Where and with what to wear a windbreaker Alivero

To work

This long windbreaker with rain and wind protection is the perfect addition to your smart-casual office wardrobe. If the weather forecast only says light rain, you may not even need to take an umbrella with you.

On vacation

A light windbreaker is your indispensable companion on any trip, whether it’s a vacation in a hot country or a business trip. The windbreaker takes up minimal space and gives maximum comfort, so it definitely deserves a place in your suitcase.

To walk

Lightweight jacket Alivero will make a comfortable walk in windy and rainy weather. You will be able to move freely: this provides a semi-fitting silhouette and a comfortable sleeve shape. This makes the windbreaker a good solution for walks and small hikes.

On a date

The best experience can be spoiled if you get cold! Put on the Alivero windbreaker if you go on a boat trip, climb the Ostankino tower or just go to the park near the house. If your date is outdoors, take care of your own comfort!

Windbreaker from ALIVERO is ideal for cool summer evenings. It features a bright design, excellent construction and the ability to distinguish its happy owner from the crowd. Zip closure, non-removable hood, two welt pockets. The women’s autumn jacket will ideally fit into the wardrobe of any fashionista, the women’s windbreaker will perfectly cope with the demi-season winds.


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