Little children grow and develop all the time — both when they sleep sweetly and when they play … In order for games at home, on the street or in kindergarten to bring only joy, benefit and pleasure — nothing should interfere and distract the child from such important things for him. First of all, we are talking about comfortable everyday clothes. After all, if a baby is tormented by an allergy to low-quality materials, rough seams are rubbed, or a tight elastic band tightens the tummy, then one can not even dream of any pleasure. Parents are waiting for a capricious, whimpering and disgruntled child.

What you need to pay attention to when choosing children’s clothing:

Children’s clothing should be made only from high quality, hypoallergenic materials. The presence of certificates of compliance with the standards of the Russian Federation for TM «Duck» confirms the quality of knitwear. Unpleasant itching, skin rashes will not cause discomfort to the child.

tailoring quality
Uneven seams and protruding threads immediately indicate that the thing will not last long. Rough and thick stitching can rub against delicate skin, causing discomfort.

decorative elements
All decorative elements, such as rhinestones, beads, sequins, stripes, must be firmly sewn or glued — small children, who study everything by touch and taste, will not be able to tear off and swallow them.

Clothes of a free cut will not hamper the movements of the child during games on the street or at home.

TM «Utenok» produces high-quality and comfortable children’s clothing, using only natural materials. For a little girl, you can choose comfortable outfits for kindergarten, walking on the street and for everyday wear at home:

1. Suit

The children’s costume is part of a knitted collection dedicated to the Russian cartoon Leo and Tig. The model is sewn from a dense footer with a soft fleece on the inside. The sweatshirt is made with a comfortable neckline and button fasteners on the shoulder. The pants have an elasticated waistband and double cuffs at the bottom. Bright colors and a print pattern with your favorite characters will give the girl a great mood.

2. Shirt dress

A spectacular shirt dress is made from delicate interlock. Interlock is considered one of the best cotton materials — it is very pleasant to the touch, well breathable. The dress is made with a comfortable turn-down collar, below which there is a polo fastener. Stylish denim colors and white stripe appliqués are sure to please little fashionistas.

3. Pajamas

Beautiful knitted pajamas will give the girl a calm and sound sleep — it will be pleasant and comfortable to sleep in such pajamas. The set is made of delicate cotton cooler — soft and light cotton fabric. The shorts have an elasticated waistband in a loose fit. The sweatshirt is made with sleeves up to the elbow — the baby will not wet the clothes while washing. Pleasant color, cute pattern and original decor with frills will not leave the little princess indifferent.

On the pages of the catalog TM «Utenok» it is easy to choose comfortable and high-quality clothes for girls.


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