With comfort, without worries and easy to organize a picnic, corporate party, disposable tableware will help. But you need the right eco-friendly dishes. What you need to pay attention to when choosing disposable tableware:

1. Disposable tableware must be made of safe materials for food use (PP polypropylene, PS polystyrene, cardboard, paper, sugarcane).

2. Be sure to find the markings (usually at the bottom of glasses, plates, bowls, cups, etc.) — an emblem depicting a glass and a fork.

3. You must understand what dishes you want to use disposable dishes for serving.

For serving hot dishes and drinks, you must choose dishes from polypropylenewhich is a fairly durable material that can withstand temperatures 100˚C. Suitable for heating food and drinks in the microwave. The dishes should be marked PP. In the event that your picnic menu provides only cold snacks, feel free to choose disposable dishes marked PS. The material used for the manufacture of dishes with this marking —polystyrene. Such disposable tableware is not suitable for food that is too hot (up to 60 C), it cannot be used in microwave ovens, but it will be just perfect for serving cuts, sandwiches and other cold dishes, drinks at a picnic.

4. For children’s parties, it is better to choose paper tableware — it is safer and more environmentally friendly, and also has an interesting colorful design. In addition, a paper cup or plate will not allow the child to get burned.

5. For vending machines, it is necessary to buy special glasses that are suitable in diameter, height and performance.

Our store sells Russian-made disposable tableware and packaging, intended for food use in accordance with GOST, and have the appropriate quality certificates. We take care of our customers. PackMarket is a guarantee of quality!


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