What fabric are men’s boxer shorts made from?

First of all, you need to choose the material in which you will be comfortable. Today, boxers are made from a variety of fabrics. The most common:

Cotton. Cotton boxers are very popular as they help your body breathe. They fit snugly but easily to the body for added comfort.
Modal. Ultra-modern high-tech material. It is beautiful and soft, underwear made from this material or using it will be ideal for wearing with jeans or trousers. Although not the best choice for the gym.
Polyamide or nylon. It is also very comfortable, but such a fabric practically does not absorb moisture, which is not very good for an active life. The material is designed for years of use. Often serves as an additive to the fabric.
Polyester. Very practical, but best suited for sportswear. These briefs fit the body well and provide a bit more support than cotton boxers. Clothes from this fabric are perfectly washed and serve for years.
Viscose. Underwear looks amazing — you will feel great. The fabric is similar to silk, it is obtained artificially, but from natural raw materials. Such an item of underwear requires careful care, otherwise it will quickly turn into a “chewed” rag with spools.
Elastane is introduced in a percentage composition — from 4 to 15% — in natural fabrics, in particular cotton, in order to improve its natural properties.
Lycraalso known as spandex, is added to modern fabrics for elasticity, helping linens hold their original shape for a long time.

For example, our boxer shorts are made from a mix of 70% cotton, 22% bamboo and 8% spandex, making the fabric pleasant yet suitable for the gym and everyday wear.

Pay attention to the seams, they should be flat and neat, for example:


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