Health is made up of many factors. Diet and lifestyle play a well-known role. However, the quality of the clothes and shoes we wear also has an impact on our health. When it comes to children, this is doubly important.

In the article we will analyze what you need to pay attention to when choosing children’s shoes.

Shoes must be suitable in size: you can’t buy a model that is too large (up to a maximum of 1 cm there may be a margin), and there should not be a reverse situation when the shoes are too tight — the pair must be replaced. When choosing shoes in an online store, carefully read the description, there should be a size in cm and a recommendation for fullness. For example, the IRIDIS brand has various shoe options suitable for different widths and heights.

The clasp in shoes should be reliable, but at the same time, not pinch the leg.

Shoe materials must be natural and safe.

The sole of children’s shoes should be flexible and wear-resistant.

When trying on shoes, try on a sock similar to the ones you plan to wear the model with. Give the child the opportunity to walk in shoes, ask about the sensations. Take off your shoes and socks and look for redness on the foot.

It’s okay if some model doesn’t fit your child. The foot is individual, and you need to find your block.

The IRIDIS brand has a wide range, you will surely be able to choose your own option.


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