Usually, young mothers think about the first wardrobe for their baby even before he is born. And in pursuit of fashion, they buy not the most comfortable and high-quality clothes.

What you should pay attention to when choosing the first clothes, we will tell below.

Rule N1. Choose quality clothing.

Pay attention to the fact that the clothes do not ride up during sleep and wakefulness of the baby. There were no buttons on the back, tight elastic bands in the area of ​​the arms and legs. Excessive decor is also not acceptable in children’s clothing.

Ideally, choose clothes with a wide neck for easy dressing and external seams to protect the skin of the baby from chafing. If you do choose clothes with inseam, make sure they are soft.

Rule N2. Choose natural fabrics.

When choosing clothes for a newborn, remember that synthetics can lead to sweating or cause allergic reactions on the delicate skin of the baby. Therefore, it is extremely important that clothing be made from natural, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials such as cotton. Clothing should be well-wicked and have good breathability. But as a second layer of clothing, you can already use things made of velor, terry or fleece.

Rule N3. The color of the product is very important.

Do not buy clothes in bright, acid colors. Give preference to natural natural tones. Natural shades have a positive effect on the psyche of the baby. If you already know that you are expecting a boy, you can buy things in soft blue or green. For girls, you can choose pastel or soft pink colors. If the gender of the baby is not known, clothes in universal shades would be an excellent option.

Rule N4. Choose the right size for your clothes.

Always pay attention to the size range of the brand. Perhaps he is different from others. Do not buy baby clothes for growth, referring to the fact that in a couple of weeks the purchased items will become small for him. In such clothes, the baby will not be comfortable. In addition, in spacious clothes it will be difficult for him to keep warm. A great option would be clothes that have a second row of buttons. This will, if necessary, increase the service life of the product and save young parents from additional expenses.

Rule N5. Be carefull.

After buying textiles, be sure to inspect them from the wrong side. Labels, labels, labels can prick and bring discomfort to the crumbs. Ideally, if there are no labels on the product itself. Check if the buttons, buttons, patches and ties on the garment are securely sewn on.

In these simple rules, we tried to tell you what you should definitely pay attention to when buying the first clothes for your baby. With the help of them, you can make it easier to choose and not buy everything that comes to hand in the store.

Clothes for kids «Just right» — from 100% cotton. The fabric adapts to the structure of the body, takes into account all the curves and body temperature of the crumbs. Delicate colors of bodysuits and inscriptions that remind of the value of motherhood.

Author of the article: Leon, the face of the children’s clothing brand «Just Right»


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