The last weeks of pregnancy are the most exciting and responsible! There is so much to do and prepare! Don’t miss a single important detail! After all, you will be discharged with your baby. The Internet is full of advice on the composition of bags, girlfriends fill up with advice from their own experience! How not to get lost in this flow of information and decide what will really be needed, and what can be easily dispensed with?

The preparatory stage should be divided into the collection of documents and 4 sets of things: prenatal, birth, postnatal and discharge.

Remember — bags must be transparent, roomy and not bulky, because it will have to be transferred from one compartment to another on your own! Fabric and leather bags are prohibited, as they are not subject to sanitization and can become a breeding ground for infections!

What documents do you need to take with you?

  • The passport
  • Original marriage certificate for obtaining a birth certificate of a child on the day of discharge
  • CHI policy
  • Insurance certificate of compulsory pension insurance
  • An exchange card with data on how the pregnancy proceeded: the dynamics of fetal development, the results of all ultrasounds and tests, drug intolerance, indications for caesarean section
  • Complete medical record for 9 months (do not forget to take a card to the doctor from the 32nd week)
  • Contract with the maternity hospital, if childbirth is accepted on a paid basis
  • Receipt of payment, if you have chosen paid services
  • Birth certificate (From July 1, 2021, the certificate has taken the form of an electronic document and is generated at the first visit to the antenatal clinic)

If necessary:

  • Results of additional analyzes and examinations of the partner
  • Referral to a specialized maternity hospital

If the spouse will be present at the birth, he needs to prepare:

  • Passport and its photocopy
  • Health information
  • Fluorography analyzes

So what to put in your bag:


  • Comfortable clothes for the day, bathrobe, clothes for the night, warm socks and several sets of underwear
  • Water and light snack
  • Rubberized slippers
  • Phone with charger
  • Set of dishes
  • Examination diaper
  • Towel for face and body
  • Hygiene items: soap, toothbrush and paste, shampoo, wet wipes, toilet paper, face and hand cream

The compact travel bag is ideal for the norms of any maternity hospital and contains a set of containers into which you can fill the required amount of hygiene items and do not take full-sized bottles with you.


  • Not more than 0.5 l. water
  • Compression stockings (as directed by a doctor)
  • Phone with charger
  • Rubber slippers
  • Nightgown


For Mom

  • Postpartum pads
  • Disposable underpants All 4YOU
  • Nursing bra
  • KUNDER lactation pads
  • postpartum bandage
  • Breast pump KUNDER
  • Breast cream
  • cotton pads

For baby

  • Caps 2-3pcs.
  • Baby diapers KUNDER
  • Undershirts 2-3pcs.
  • Rompers or cotton diapers 2-3pcs.
  • KUNDER disposable diapers
  • Baby cream and powder
  • Dummy with container
  • Baby shower gel
  • Cotton swabs with limiter


Most often, the expectant mother collects this bag in advance, but does not take it with her to the hospital, instructing those who will meet them from the hospital to bring it.

If your plans include self-discharge, put the things prepared for it in a bag, which you will hand over to the storage room.

For Mom

It is best to choose loose clothing that you feel comfortable and comfortable in. If you are planning to arrange a photo shoot for discharge or just want to look more elegant, the choice of outfit should be approached based on personal interests, not forgetting a cosmetic set.

For baby

It is necessary to build on the season of the year and the temperature outside

In the summer, it will be enough to dress the baby in a cap, a slip and a blanket.

In autumn and spring, in addition to the summer set, you need an envelope / insulated overalls and a hat

In winter, you will definitely need a synthetic winterizer overall with a hat or an envelope with a warm lining

Preparing for the maternity hospital is an exciting and happy time! It is important not only to collect everything you need, but also to keep a positive attitude!

In each maternity hospital, the list of documents, certificates and necessary things may change. Be sure to check with the hospital.

Remember that now, many cool and useful devices and devices have been developed to make life easier for newborn moms. You can choose something for yourself and the baby and prepare in advance:

From 0 to 3 months

From 3 to 6 months

6 to 1 year


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