Go on vacation to the sea and take an interesting book with you — what could be better? We have collected for you and your children some of the coolest publications with which any vacation will turn into a real adventure.

Light Bulb, Annette Schap

Annette Schap’s writing debut captivated children and their parents: despite the fact that the work reads like a serious science fiction novel, it has touchingness, naivety, childish immediacy, and expressiveness.

This is a book about little Emilia, nicknamed Lampeshka — that’s what her father, the lighthouse keeper, calls her. But it’s hard to call this girl’s bright life: she doesn’t have a mother, her father drinks, so much so that matches for the lighthouse have to be borrowed. Is there a place for adventure in such a life? Of course! And even though these are not adventurous trips to other worlds, but Lampeshka’s adventures are no worse: fairs, pirates, and mysterious monsters … And most importantly — the sea!

«The Last Elf» by Sylvanas de Marie

In a world where it rains forever and the sun has not been seen for years, people are sure that the elves are to blame for everything. And although all of them have long been driven into the “elf” reservations, the fields are still flooded with water, the people are starving and no one has the strength to change something. The dictator can rub his hands — there is no one who could resist him. But an ancient prophecy says: the circle of disasters will be broken by the last elf and the last dragon. But can they? After all, the elf is still quite a child, and the dragon is old and feeble. A book about love, honor, self-sacrifice.

The Famous Walker & Down Catalog by Davide Morisotto

In 1904, Te Trois, a boy from a large poor family, Eddie, the son of a respected doctor, the girl Julie and her younger brother Titus make a long journey across the entire American continent to return a little thing that fell to teenagers by mistake, for a large reward. The path of four teenagers will be filled with adventures, adventures, unexpected situations, curiosities. There was even a place for a detective line in the work. However, the story even begins unexpectedly: the teenagers caught a jar in the river, where 3 dollars were found. And how to spend money for children of the early 20th century? Unless to write out something according to the catalog! And then a group of friends decides to purchase something from the Walker & Down catalog.

«Wonderful Summer», Sasha Cherny

This story will take its rightful place in the children’s home library. They say that when a poet takes up prose, he gets a real work of art. And this book about summer, childhood, the sea, filled with good-natured ironic humor, is a direct confirmation of this. The plot is simple but charming: little Igor spends the summer in France. But he is not at all bored, because every day is a small life! The boy will have many interesting meetings, funny situations and small, but such amusing adventures with our smaller brothers — the dog Chrysanthemum, the dogs Groom and Caesar, the mule Migroshka.

Children, Vera Inber, Alexei Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov

The collection includes well-known stories of the classics of Russian literature, written about children and for children. Ironic, bright and kind stories about little pranksters will make both young readers and their parents smile.

«Ten Days Alone Together», Arkady Minchkovsky

Mom is at home, so everything is in order. All things are done by themselves: dinner is prepared, clothes are washed, the house is clean. But as soon as mom leaves, everything in the house starts to go topsy-turvy. This story is about just that. The twins Valenka and Shurik, their father, dog and cat were left at the dacha without their mother. What came of it, read in the book. Good mood is guaranteed, we guarantee!


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