To begin with, I must say that reading together as a form of leisure is difficult to overestimate. Read to your little ones as often as possible, and he will amaze you with his knowledge of the books you have read to him when he speaks.

We have selected books that we ourselves read to our children.

📖 S. Marshak «Poems and fairy tales for the little ones» is the poet who you need to get acquainted with among the first.

📖 A. Barto «Toys» — a classic for all time. These poems are understandable to every kid, they are very easy to hear and quickly remembered.

📖 E. Karganova «Both loudly and in your ear» — this kind, bright book contains the simplest, most «baby» rhymes. And the illustrations are pleasant, unobtrusive.

📖 Julia Donaldson «I want to see my mother» — Donaldson’s works are well suited for children after two years, but this one is an exception. The topic here is very understandable even for the smallest — the monkey has lost its mother and is trying to find her. The story (which, by the way, is in verse) is very sincere and not at all sad.

📖 A. Orlova «Apples-Heels» — a collection of nursery rhymes on the most topical topics for a baby (about arms and legs, about first steps, about ghouls, about snow and about puddles).

Reading books before bed for both children and adults. Relationships are established between parent and child.

Many factors contribute to sound and sweet sleep. Including comfortable pillows, which are so important for a comfortable baby’s sleep.


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